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Alkermes plc alks ceo hosts r day weddingesoutletlondon transcript Would our ceo please take a seat?Okay, we're good on the webcast.Everyone, thank you very much for joining us today.We're very excited to have you.And i think you will see today how productive alkermes r engine really has been.And we will be unveiling some new programs that richard will talk about indepth, and running through some of our laterstage programs as well.Before we begin, however, i need to remind you that we will make forwardlooking statements within the meaning of the private securities litigation reform act.Inherent in biotechnology, there are risks.We try to articulate these risks in our filings and encourage you to review them.So today, richard will kick it off;Talking about our approach to r and what makes it unique and different and the fact that it's reallyDriven by patient needs and truly is patient inspired.And hopefully, by the end of today, you'll see frankly how productive the r engine has been.Dr.Elliot ehrich who leads and he's our chief medical officer, he leads all of our development activities.He will put forth a lofty ambition about rethinking psychiatry and how we're doing so visa vis opioid modulation.And he'll explain that a little bit more, and he'll also use alks 5461 as an example of how we are able to leverage our unique insights and how we run clinical trials frankly very fastidiously in order to successfully run studies in the cns area. And we're pleased to have with us today,Dr.Marlene freeman, who is a clinical psychiatrist at mgh and harvard medical school.And she will help us give some real patient perspectives and talk about the disease and how she currently treats it, and why new treatment options are needed.Dr.Freeman also has expertise in running clinical studies, so i think that will be helpful insight for all of you and as you try to evaluate companies and their programs and pipeline. Then we'll have a Q with those three folks, and we'll switch gears then, we'll take a brief break, and thenDr.Bernie silverman will talk about alks 3831.And we're going to talk about that program more indepth today than we ever previously have.And really, how we're looking at leveraging dual pharmacology to really address the needs of two distinct subpopulations within schizophrenia.And i think both are really important opportunities, both from a commercial perspective, but more importantly for the patients.And then our chief commercial officer, mark stejbach, who for many of you, this is the first time you'll meet mark, but he has been running the vivitrol commercial efforts, and has put forth a plan.And frankly, folks are in motion getting ready for the launch of aripiprazole cheap cocktail dresses online lauroxil.We'll then have another group q and some closing remarks by richard.But we think it's an exciting day, it's sort of jam packed with new news and we invite your interaction and we're very pleased to have you here.So without further ado, i will hand over the podium to richard.All right.Thank you,(Harland)For the applause.Okay, is the webcast good?Are we the audio is fine?Fantastic.Okay, hi, everybody.Are you ready?We're going to cover some ground now.I couldn't be more excited to be here today and welcome you and give you a glimpse of some work that's been going on for years within the company, we're opening the curtain on work that's been happening, that we've known about, but you haven't known about for quite some time.It's no secret, right, that we have the ambition of building what's going to be one of the next major bio pharmaceutical companies.And what you're going to hear about today, is an r engine that is incredibly distinctive.It's differentiated because it derives from, evolves from many, many years of arduous development work that we've been doing at the highest level of sophistication with pharmaceutical company partners and on our own.It's also incredibly patient focused.Almost everything we do, has, at its core, a perspective of an individual patient taking a medicine for long periods of time.The other thing you're going to see is that it's incredibly productive.We're in that magic moment in the company's history, where the people and the experience and the technology and the ip and the culture really start to gel.And it's a really heady time for us at alkermes.So, let's start with kind of the highest conceptual level, and that's our interest in chronic disease.So in this figure, we plotted diseases, as a function of a number of patients suffering from that disease and the number of treatments that might be available for that disease.So historically, you would have thought the big pharma was happy in that topright quadrant.Deal with the major chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, and the like.Whereas biotechs, origins and much biotech action still stay in the lower left, in orphan indications, where often, it's the first medicine ever developed for a patient population.What's so interesting is pharma's migration now down into that space, attracted by the freedom of pricing, and the more favorable regulatory environment, often.But well that it may not even make sense for pharma to do that.It neglects the fact that the top right quadrant is still where the burden of disease lies.These are millions of people, these are the diseases that are going to break the bank of this country, and other counties, and this is where there's still so much unmet medical need and economic opportunity.So, alkermes is running against this current.We're really excited about that topright quadrant, and we're quite excited about playing in places, where there are big diseases, with unmet medical needs that we still can improve patient outcomes.But we're taking a biotech approach to this, in a sense that so you'll hear today most of the programs that we're working on, we're looking for subsegment or further refine the definition of a fairly of an incoherent definition.Schizophrenia, what does it mean?There's all kinds of schizophrenic patients.And by picking specific subsets and creating medicines that are directly focused on solving particular needs for those, it changes the risk profile, it changes the regulatory interaction, and i think provides us with a really broad opportunity.This, i think, is a critical differentiating feature in this company. We're playing in big xafss with bigDrug opportunities using modern science, and it's a theme you'll hear throughout the day.So what do we do?Here's what we do.We're making now, valuable new medicines.And the words are chosen deliberately. TheseDrugs need to be valuable, and they need to be new. This is essentially a checklist that we run through when we think about ourDrug development programs and advancing programs in our development portfolio. First, we focus on specific problems with patient experience living with chronic disease because taking aDrug for a long period of time is taking is different than taking aDrug on an asneeded basis.We identify at the outset, the general parameters of the value proposition for key stakeholders.We don't have to solve it at the outset, but we have to be cognizant of the value proposition for everybody involved, not just the patient, and the caregiver and the provider, but the fda, the payers, and the whole ecosystem that's affected by the new medicine.


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Church shower aids ichaelorhandagale indian island group Old town, maine shopping for sunday morning event at st.James episcopal church turned out to be a lot more fun than sara lindsay thought it would be. In preparing for the mother day baby shower fundraiser to benefit the indian women mission center on indian island, lindsay, a st.James parishioner, thought back to what her own children ate as babies. "My girls are all grown up, so michael kors discount bags we went down memory lane and bought baby food that they liked,"Lindsay said as she unpacked small jars of baby food from a white plastic bag. "My younger daughter favorite was sweet potatoes, so i got that.We have the riceandlentil dinner, which was my older daughter favorite. " The baby shower a drive, really, to collect baby necessities that a food pantry might not normally stock will continue all week.The indian women mission center operates the island only food cupboard. The items being collected include diapers(Newborn size and up);Training pants;Baby wipes, lotion, shampoo, bath wash and powder;Packets of washcloths;Formula, including soy;Baby cereal and crackers;Baby socks, hats and bibs;And receiving blankets. Lindsay also brought a fourpack of tuna fish for adults. "I know the food pantry is also looking for all kinds of donations, and one of the hardest things that all the pantries have a hard time stocking is protein, because it expensive,"She said. Several plastic bags filled with some of those items were placed at the altar during the offertory segment of sunday service at st.James.After the service, parishioners gathered in a multipurpose room for cake and cookies. Paula baines, the church senior warden and outreach coordinator, said st.James has held baby showers the last three to four years.This is, however, the first year the indian women mission center was the beneficiary. Baines got to know rose scribner, who directs the center, through st.James parishioner john dieffenbacherkrall, who is director of the maine indian tribalstate commission.Baines had her first meeting with scribner in march. Baines said the mission serves about 400 families both on the island and in greater old town. "They were telling us about the young people who need help, and they often single moms with young children,"Baines said. "We were looking for opportunities to connect in our old town community.We want to develop the relationship in some way, whether it supporting the food pantry or in other ways.But we getting to know each other. " Bethel man, 60, killed in wood chipper accidenttwo dead in accident on route 1 in hancocksurry man dies in headon collision in ellsworthwarning issued after smoke from quebec forest fires pushed into mainetexas man airlifted from top of katahdin after rock falls on himformer stearns star signs with umaine women's basketball teamumaine ad steve abbott likes new hockey east playoff formataaron hernandez's name sparks brawl at dinersevenrun fifth carries millinocket by katahdin valleybig enduro, bomber classes in jeopardy at speedway 95


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Eoin macken and carl shaaban In terms of modelling credits, both eoin and carl have featured on the pages of gq.Eoin has just shot a big advertising campaign for braun and has modelled for ralph lauren and abercrombie and fitch. This new film project the fashion of modelling, was inspired by eoin's younger sister and her friends. They"Are always talking about having designs on being models.And they've been sucked into this mtv thing and don't really understand anything about what fashion actually involves,"Eoin says.This prompted eoin and carl to make ralph lauren shirts a film that would take an informative, realistic and cleareyed look at the industry. Despite having almost no budget, they managed to attract some of the biggest names in irish fashion.Contributors include designer helen cody, modelagency the website heads eddie shanahan and rebecca morgan, as well as international models alison canavan and laragh mccann. Eoin made his first film while living in la, where he went to pursue his acting career.In ireland, he has appeared in various independent movies as well as more mainstream projects such as fair city.His first directing project was a drama about disillusioned young actors trying to hit the big time in hollywood, and was screened as part of the la and san francisco film festivals. Carl acts as executive producer on their collaborations.He's currently studying for a degree in business management. The pair became firm friends several years ago when they met while modelling on a test shoot for photographer gordon goodwin. "Yeah, we met on a photo shoot, how romantic was that? "Says eoin with comic irony.


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Kubota chick here action hero blog However, a shoe is designed for fashion and for its user.For our women, nearly all of us have a desire of following fashion.The main characteristics of christian louboutin shoes are their scarlet and high soles and the most fashionable styles christian louboutin sale.Living by yourself for.College can be completely different than the life you were used to, bu.Home improvement projects can make your house more valuable and help you create an environment that truly reflects your personality.For folks with, right after this you really should assess the established of two christian louboutin shoe.Christian louboutin sneakers can confirm that eyecatching few is likely to quickly advancement kinds very own eveningwear.Any interest rates when utilizing the christian louboutin platform two tone slingbacks occur to be significantly smaller sized.Women stars who love louboutin heels show elegant demeanor, so we can see them wearing red outsole shoes in the convergence of hollywood stars on the red carpet, or in the luxury hotels christian louboutin outlet.Ingenious design reveals eternal and touching french flamboyance, embraces senior fixed uniform charm, as well as the vibrancy of the 1980s.Cheap christian louboutin shoes with other fashion clothes are beautiful pictures.Therefore, 1 wants to decide on what is just proper for one.Fashion trends can come and go but the perennial favorites will continue to remain for eternity christian louboutin shoes.One this kind of pair is the christian louboutin jolie noeud dorcet blue pumps with the asymmetric bow in the front.The situation is, i threw the peep toe christian louboutin shoes an amazing offer more altadamaword was when i communicate in abundance using the holocaust museum and progressive, how complicated it is toward the important system pumps system using the gold mirror is thrown apart to say experienced utilized the bathing room and slip near to the selling louboutin stated later on in his place, pee like a horse.Purchase a pair of sandals that give a clean tin summer time feeling christian louboutin shop.No substance when you see fit, christian louboutin dark 123 double rooms system sandals using the summer, grilnews blog christian louboutin sandals cords system to provide us an assessment belonging toward the difference.You can visit many stores and make choice of the perfect pair of ash women footwear for yourself or you can browse on the numerous online stores and check for the kinds of ash women footwear that are available.The tidal of radii 420 top not merely reach the united states, but as well in all of folks other earth.At the same time, once you slip a person into these isabel marant high heels place, it may possibly provide an individual using a satisfactory guide connected with walk together with guard a person aside injuring throughout training.It is actually your best and intelligent opt for, for all the girls is hoping for the bracelet, in particular the tiffany 1837 ring.There isn any suspect that whenever you buy this type of tiffany to offer her, she will pretty happy. Christian louboutin chaussures pas cher louboutin pumps shoes are very much popular all over the world as they symbolize style and comfort.These christian louboutin pumps shoes also contain heels in them that give them a classy and modish look and obviously you will get the more graceful and attractive look.The fans including sarah jessica parker, angelina jolie, victoria beckham and so on. Hi kevin i am the lady that you met at imaging usa in new orleans.I have been sending your office staff king cakes.I have all of your actions as well as your book on lighting and have long been waiting for this workshop.I am so pleased with it so for.You are such a great inspiration to me as well as a great teacher.It is truly obvious that this is your calling.I will be watching you today with an eager and sad heart as after today i will again be on my own.My biggest hope is to one day make it out to bend, oregon and go to a workshop in person.Please be on the look out for your king cake this year.Aloha jo ann


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Kim kardashian Click to enter website orders custom New york bridetobe kim kardashian was set to walk up the aisle in her own custommade christian louboutins. The 30yearold reality star was overheard telling staff at the louboutin boutique in new york's west village over the weekend that the designer was"Custommaking her shoes for the wedding, but she wanted to try some on for size,"As she proceeded to try on several crystalencrusted pairs, the new york post reported tuesday, citing a source. She also met monday with designer vera wang at her madison avenue boutique in new york with sister kourtney kardashian and a camera crew in cheap christian louboutin shoes tow heightening speculation that wang would design her wedding dress. Wang, a close friend of the kardashian clan, crafted the bridal gown for the nuptials of another kardashian sister, khloe, when she married los angeles lakers forward lamar odom in 2009. Hot shots:Kim kardashian "I feel like when you think of weddings, you think of vera wang.I think it would be a perfect fit,"Khloe kardashian told e!News about wanting her sister to wear a wang creation. New jersey nets player kris humphries, 26, proposed to kim kardashian in late may after six months of dating presenting her with a 20.5 carat diamond sparkler valued at $2 million.

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